Common Questions

Resident Correspondent
Correspondent Partner
Resident Correspondent Partner
Membership is not automatic; the deadline for approval is up to five (5) business days.
The documents required to be a member are on the "Membership" page.
Each category has a different membership fee. See the values on the "Membership" page of this menu.
The membership contribution is annual; therefore, it must be paid by March of the current year. There is usually the possibility of early payment in December of the previous year (e.g., December 2022 referring to the 2023 Annual fee).
Each SPR event has a different date for completion of registration. SPR members and affiliates have priority in the registration and, considering the final pre-registration period (the one that can be done online in the stipulated period, according to the availability of vacancies), the non-associated/affiliated must join/agree up to seven (7) days before its closing.


The SPR Relationship area is available to assist you by e-mail