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SPR members can pay the annual fee in installments up to six times on the credit card, without interest (in the case of Brazilian members). Payment can be made at or by bank slip (sent by mail).
The associative contribution is annual, so it must be paid until March of the current year. There is the possibility of prepayment (only by credit card) in December of the previous year (e.g., December 2019 referring to the 2020 annuity).
All R3, R4, and R5 automatically migrate to the "Junior" category, where they remain for two consecutive years, and then migrate once more to the "Aspirant" or "Titular" categories.

If the member continues to attend medical residency, an updated (and dated) statement of the service must be forwarded on letterhead.

*Important: We only accept the category change for R4 and R5 when there is professional continuity, that is when the residence is made sequentially. Failure to prove the category will result in the payment of the fee difference.
The SPR member pays the Society only once during the year and, with his financial obligations fulfilled, will be able to enjoy all the benefits offered by SPR.

With the change in SPR's relationship program with the member, members with payment up-to-date receive exemption in the pre-registration of the JPR and the Feres Secaf Course and can still participate in the Manoel de Abreu Club, Roentgen Club and Study Groups without participation fee.
Contact the SPR Relationship Department at or by phone at +55 11 5053-6363.
Go to the "Register/Financial" icon, inside the Restricted Area, or access
Contact the SPR Relationship Department at or by phone at +5511 5053-6363.

For the issuance of the second copy, there will be a cost of R$ 50 + shipping fee.
Note: Valid for Brazilian members only
Consult the member rights and duties in Chapter II of the Statutes of the Radiological Society of São Paulo, available on our website. To cancel the membership, the member must send a letter or email to formalizing the request. That cancellation is not tied to non-payment.
The procedure will be the same for new registrants. The membership will undergo analysis, and within five working days, the department will contact the person to make the membership official. Upon reactivation, enrollment is free.
Each SPR event has a different date for submission of entries. SPR members have priority in enrollment and, considering the final pre-enrollment period (the one that can be held online in the stipulated period, according to the availability of vacancies), the non-member must join up to seven (7) days before its closure.
SPR Relationship area is on hand to help you. Get in touch!

Phone: +55 11 5053-6363

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