Common Questions

Titular SPR Member
Aspirant SPR Member
Junior SPR Member
Resident SPR Member
Correspondent SPR Member (for foreigners only)
Resident Correspondent SPR Member (for foreigners only)
Membership is not automatic, the deadline for approval is up to five (5) business days.
For all categories:
Profile photo (for the card) and official document with photo.

Other documents by category:

Resident: Statement of medical service, on letterhead, signed by the person responsible for the period of residence dated up to six months from the date of dispatch.

Junior: Declaration of the medical service, on headed paper, signed by the person in charge of the period of residence or Certificate of completion and/or medical specialization.

Aspirant: Updated professional resumé (dated and signed).

Titular: Updated professional resumé (dated and signed).
It depends on the category*.
For 2020, the annual contribution is divided as follows:

Brazilian members

Titular and Aspirant: R$ 1140.00;
Junior: R$ 800.00;
Resident: R$ 800.00/600.00.

Foreign members:

Correspondent: R$ 800.00;
Resident Correspondent: R$ 400.00.

New members also pay the enrollment (once). In cases of reactivation of the membership, the registration fee will not be charged.

* The non-proof of the category will imply the payment corresponding to the category in which it falls.
Payment of the annual fee + enrollment can be split up to six times, no interest, on the credit card.

Note: In the case of the correspondent member, the payment can only be made at once, no split. The amount presented may be changed according to the exchange rate variation.
The associative contribution is annual, so it must be paid until March of the current year. There is the possibility of prepayment (only by credit card) in December of the previous year (e.g., December 2019 referring to the 2020 annuity).
Each SPR event has a different date for submission of entries. SPR members have priority in enrollment and, considering the final pre-enrollment period (the one that can be held online in the stipulated period, according to the availability of vacancies), the non-member must join up to seven (7) days before its closure.
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